Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation

Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation was founded in 2005 under the auspices of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). Today Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation is a public association, and includes women's artistic gymnastics (WAG), men's gymnastics (MAG), rhythmic gymnastics (RG), trampoline gymnastics (TRA), acrobatic gymnastics (ACRO) and gymnastics for all (GFA).

img_6142.jpgThrough the activities and full support of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Development Fund of children's sports, the recent development of gymnastic kinds of sport has become a national scale in our country. There are gymnastics centers in all regions of the country, which meet current requirements. A lot of children train there every day. In future, the most promising and talented athletes from the regions of our republic replenish the ranks of youth and national gymnastic teams. With the support of sponsors, the republic carried out extensive work to upgrade gymnastic equipment and renew the gyms, schools and modern sports facilities with such kind of equipment. In parallel with the technical equipment, the joint efforts of experienced instructors and athletes are aimed at involving young people into the ranks of gymnasts, whose number increases every year. Today, dozens of the best of our compatriots defend the honor of our motherland on the international competitions and tournaments in all gymnastic disciplines.

It should be noted that during the years of independence the Uzbek gymnasts were not only able to achieve the sporting goals, which were assigned to them but they also contributed greatly to increase the prestige of our country on the world sports arena. A striking example are Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, where our athletes have won medals - Anton Fokin received third place (Uneven Bars), and Ekaterina Khilko won a bronze medal in jumping on trampoline.

Thanks to Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation, in the past few years gymnastic sport teams represent our country on almost all major internationalimg_6141.jpg competitions (World Cup, Grand Prix, World and Asia Championships, major international tournaments). Also Uzbekistan has repeatedly acted as an organizer of the competitions of international level - World Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics was held in Tashkent in 2005, Asian Championship for juniors in rhythmic gymnastics was held in 2010, and in June 2010 an international tournament in memory of the master of sports of international level Anastasia Berestetskaya was held in the city of Navoi, where in addition to the gymnasts of Uzbekistan were presented the teams from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russia. Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation has been actively involved in the activities of Asian Gymnastics Union (AGU) as well as International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

Sport, like any other area of human life, goes on. Innovations in design and manufacture of sports equipment, additions and changes to the rules of international refereeing, the introduction of scientific and medical development in the preparation of athletes - the development of all these components is designed to make sport more entertaining, popular and safe. Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation actively participates in international seminars and conferences organized by FIG, and introduces advanced international experience among the judges, coaches and athletes of Uzbekistan. In 2009-2010, there have been many coaching and referee seminars in Tashkent and regional centers, with the involvement of both international and local experts, in order to raise the level of training of athletes in the regions of our country, and to make it more competent and productive. It should be noted that at the moment the national team in rhythmic gymnastics at 70 percent is made up of
 athletes, selected from regional gymnastic schools.

Owing to the work, that Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation makes constantly, the sport authority of our state is growing steadily.

On our goverment`s initiative and universal support, the special attentionis paid to the progress of the rising generation, forming independent world outlook among young people, advancing love and devotion to native land. Quiet a lot benefit to it promotes sport elaboration, wide involvement youth to it, that is one of the priveleged directions of the state`s politics in Uzbekistan.

Starting from 2009 gymnastics appears priority sport in Republic of Uzbekistan.