13th Junior Artistic Gymnastics Asian Championships



During the period from 7th to 14th April, 2014 the 13th Junior Artistic Gymnastics Asian Championships will take place in Gymnastics Sport Palace.  The competition also will serves as the qualification for Asian continent for the 2nd Youth Olympic Games (YOG) which will be held in Nanjing (CHN) this August.

It should be noted that it is for the first time that our country is running such major competition in this kind of sport. The decision on conducting of the Asian Championship in Tashkent was adopted in 2012 during the annual Board of the Asian Gymnastics Federation in Qatar, where Uzbekistan gained the most votes and won the right to host the championship in its native walls. While the selecting of the host country it was also taken into consideration the fact that Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation has substantial experience in organizing international competitions in Rhythmic Gymnastics, including the World Cup series, Asian Championships and the traditional International Tournament "Happy Caravan".

Moreover various foreign delegations, inspections, as well as the athletes and coaches repeatedly noted that the sports complex and sports equipment meet all International requirements and standards for organizing of high level competitions

It is noteworthy that the Artistic Gymnastics' world elite consists of the Asian countries, so the victory in the upcoming competition will be almost equivalent to winning the "gold" of the World Championships.

Despite tough competition, the MAG and WAG coach staff  headed by Nicholay Pak, Lyudmilа Li, Svetlana Kuznetsova , Constantin Shaulov, Ella Shaulovs and Irina Karimjanovars hope for worthy results of their trainees, a fortiori that they can fully enlist home stands. This will be the main trump card of the Uzbek team.

Ten athletes (5 male and 5 female junior gymnasts) will protect the honor of our country.

Some of the leaders of Uzbekistan national team are repeated winners of national and international tournaments Veronika Orlova,  Turdihon Islomova, Timur Kadyrov,  Elyer Islomov who will perform in the all-around competition there. Altogether more than 120 gymnasts from 22 countries will be competing during a week for 13 sets of awards. For many juniors the Asian Championships will be one of the final starts among the juniors, as next year they will compete with elder athletes already.


The quota for the YOG among the juniors for the Asian continent are distributed as follows: ten licenses for  male juniors and nine for female Artistic gymnasts. Each country can get a maximum up to two licenses for the four year period main games.

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