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08.02.2012 / Tashkent Open Cup Artistic gymnastics

On the period from 8 to 10 of February on the base Republican specialized children-youth sport school of Olympic Reserve there will be held Tashkent Open Cup in artistic gymnastics.


Dasha Elizarova and Luiza Galiulina proved the right of Uzbekistan to be presented on the Olympic Games 2012 on the overpast olympic qualification in women artistic gymnastics, which was held in London.


From January, 7 till January, 14th the qualification on the Olympic games of 2012 on artistic gymnastics will take place in London. Uzbekistan will be represented by Anton Fokin and Eduard Shaulov in MAG, and also by Luiza Galiulina and Darya Yelizarov in WAG. From January, 11 till January, 14th Ekaterina Hilko will battle for the Olympic license in trampoline gymnastics. And from January, 14 till January, 19th Dzhamila Rahmatova will struggle for the Olympic license in rhythmic gymnastics among the strongest gymnasts of the world. We wish good luck to our sportsmen and wait for excellent results!

03.01.2012 / Results of Championship of central and southern Asia for artistic gymnastics

The team of Uzbekistan has won in total 16 medals of various advantage on passed Artistic gymnastics Championship of the Central and Southern Asia in Dakkka (Bangladesh) There are 8 gold medals among the won awards - team offset (men), Exercises on rings (Irgashev Ruslan), the pommel horse (Narmetov Daulet), exercise on beam (Masharipov Otabek), women all-around (Saparbaeva Asal), exercise on a beam (Saparbaeva Asal). Floor exercise (Saparbaeva Asal). Uneven bars (Karimdjanova Diana).

31.12.2011 / HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation would like to congratulate everybody with the NEW YEAR! Let the year 2012 be victorious not only in sports but in all other areas. We wish fulfillment of all desires and implementation of all plans. Happiness, warmth and well-being!

26.12.2011 / Championship of Central and Southern Asia in Bangladesh

National team of Uzbekistan for artistic gymnastics will take part in the Championship of central and southern Asia in Bangladesh, which will be held on the period from 26th to 31st of December 2011 in the city of Dakka (Bangladesh). The competitions will consist individual and team disciplines. SIx asian countries will participate on this Championship.

26.12.2011 / The Regional Seminar on Basic Gymnastics

In Tashkent were hosted a regional seminar on Basic Gymnastics for the coaches of Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics. The seminar was organized by the Gymnastics Federation of Uzbekistan jointly with the Development Fund of Children’s Sport of Uzbekistan. The seminar was attended by coaches from all regions of Uzbekistan. Lectures were given by leading specialists, who works with the National teams of the gymnastics kinds of sport. At the end of seminar have been conducted an exam, which was successfully passed by more than 60 coaches.

23.12.2011 / The results of the Gymnastics for All Championship of Republic of Uzbekistan

According to the results of Gymnastics for All Open Championship of Republic of Uzbekistan the first place was won by team “Garmonia” from Tashkent, the second place took team from Bekabad “Uzmetkombinat” and the third result showed team from Navoiy “Fanky dance”

15.12.2011 / The Gymnastics for All Championship of Republic of Uzbekistan

During the period from 20 to 22, of December 2011, in Tashkent, on the base of RSCJSSOR of Rhythmic gymnastics will take place Gymnastics for All Open Championship of Republic of Uzbekistan. Championship will host with the support of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan.

25.11.2011 / The winners and prize holders of the Tournament in the memory of A.Berestetskaya are ANNOUNCED:

138 gymnasts from the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia), as well as from the regions of our Republic participated on the second international rhythmic Gymnastics tournament in memory of MSIC Anastasiya Berestetskaya, which was held in Tashkent. The championship played out in individual all-around and in certain types of program in the age groups of gymnasts, who were born in the year 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998 as well as among the CMS and the Masters of Sports. Maftuna Shamsieva (Samarkand) won the first place in all-around among Masters of Sport with a score of 102.225 points, the second place was given to Lilit Harutyunyan (Armenia) with the sum score of 101.85 and third place went to Bonu Gulomova from Bukhara with a score of 96.625 points.

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