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22.11.2011 / Gymnastics competitions “Special Olympics Uzbekistan”

Special Olympics Uzbekisan jointly with Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation and Found "Sen Yolgiz Emassan" will hold international tournaments in gymnastics for children with mental disabilities from 28 to 29 November 2011. In addition to athletes from Uzbekistan, children from Central Asia and Russia will also take part in the competition. The competitions in Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics are in the program of the tournament.

21.11.2011 / II International rhythmic gymnastics Tournament in memory of IMS Anastasiya Berestetskaya

In the period from 23 to 25 November 2011 Tashkent on the base of RSCJSSOR of Rhythmic gymnastics will host the second international rhythmic gymnastics Tournament in memory of IMS Anastasiya Berestetskaya. More than 150 gymnasts from Uzbekistan Kazakhstan, Armenia and Russia are going to take part in the competitions. Individual Championship will be played out among several age groups.

20.11.2011 / The second Olympic trampoline qualifications

Ekaterina Khilko at Trampoline World Championships won an opportunity to fight for the Olympic license in the second Olympic qualification, which will be held in January 2012 in London.

19.11.2011 / The results of the Championship of the Republic of Uzbekistan in artistic gymnastics among young people

At the last Artistic Gymnastics championships of the Republic of Uzbekistan our young athletes showed the following results: Among the Masters of Sport (m) places were given as follows - 1. Shaulov Edward 163.2 points (Tashkent), 2. Mirzaev Salohiddin 154.8 points (Ferghana), 3. Evgeny Romanov 142.4 points (Tashkent). In the women's gymnastics the first place was taken by Rega Elena 97.4 points (Tashkent), second place - 90.1 points Chukhrai Ruzanna (Tashkent), third place 89 points Belkova Anastasia (Tashkent). Among the candidates for master of sports of men: 1. Malnev Ostap 150.8 points (Tashkent), 2. Kadyrov Timur 149.7 points (Tashkent), 3. Asimov Abdullah 148.4 points (Tashkent). In women's competition Donierova Khilola 95.6 points (Tashkent) took the first place, 2. Veronika Orlova 93 points (Tashkent), 3. Mukhamedova Sitora 93 points (Tashkent).

17.11.2011 / The results of Trampoline World Championship

On the first day of competition in Birmingham, Ekaterina Khilko was on the 20th place with a score of 96.715 points. Marat Mustafin, who collected 96.685 points was only on the place fifty six.

11.11.2011 / Licensed World Championship in Trampoline

On the period from 14th to 21st of November 2011 in Birmingham, UK there was held trampoline World Cup, where the gymnasts will have an opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games in 2012. Uzbekistan will be represented in Birmingham by Ekaterina Khilko and Marat Mustafin. We wish good luck to our athletes!

07.11.2011 / Uzbekistan Championship for artistic gymnastics among juniors

On the period from 14th to 21st of November 2011 in Tashkent on the base of RSCJSOR for rhythmic gymnastics there was held Uzbekistan Championship for artistic gymnastics among juniors. Awards will be drawn in male and female individuals all-around, but also in the finals in individual apparatus.

05.11.2011 / International training course

On the period from the 7th to the 14th of October 2011 on the base of Republican specialized sport school of Olympic reserve for Rhythmic Gymnastics there was held the International Training Course for Men Artistic Gymnastics under the auspices of AGU. Koboyashi Takashi (coach from Japan) was invited as an expert. Teams from Sri Lanka, Singapore, Nepal, Syria, Iran and Uzbekistan were taking part in this course.

24.10.2011 / Establishment of the RSCSSOR in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Tashkent

On the 27th of August 2011 was signed the Decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the establishment of the Republican Specialized Children's Sports School of Olympic Reserve in Rhythmic Gymnastics. RSCSSOR in Rhythmic Gymnastics is located at the following address: Korhoji-ota street, 2"A", in the former sport complex "Universalniy". Enrollment in RSCSSOR in rhythmic gymnastics will be carried out annually from the talented and promising athletes from all over the country.

18.10.2011 / The second Olympic qualification in artistic gymnastics

According to the results of the World Championship, which was held in Tokyo, National Team of artistic gymnastics won the opportunity to take part in the qualification for the right to obtain individual Olympic licenses, to be held in January 2012 in London.

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